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The definitive
photography book 




The most significant photographers of all time

Generally the Apollo astronauts are hailed for being some of the greatest scientists, adventurers, explorers and heroes, but rarely are they portrayed as some of the most significant photographers of all time.

We had already been searching for a book that do these images justice, and our frustration continued to grow because this book just doesn’t seem to exist.


225 stunning photographs

This is why we decided to do it ourselves. To make a beautifully printed large format photographic book showcasing 225 stunning photographs taken by the Apollo Astronauts during the 11 missions that NASA undertook to the moon. Additionally, to the large format printed photography, a short chapter will showcase the camera equipment, like the Hasselblad 500 EL, that were specifically adapted for the use in space. The training and historical records that allowed for these images to be captured in the first place




The book is a large square format, 11.8in x 11.8in (30cm x 30cm) and weighs around 7lb (3.2kg). It is wrapped with a "NASA Blue" linen cloth to give it the luxury feel it deserves. A belly band with the moon landscape is wrapped over the linen cloth cover. Inside the book heavy weight silk paper is used that lets us achieve the highest print quality and finishing to really make these images stand out. This really is the definitive photobook of the Apollo Program to date.